Which Products Do I Need?

With so many options and combinations available to help market, not only the listing property, but yourself as a Real Estate agent simultaneously, it’s important you feel confident in what each product can offer you.

So let’s start with Real Estate Photography: Ground Level

The Photography packages are packaged by number of images.
20 Images – Suited for smaller sized properties
35 Images – Suited for medium sized properties
50 Images – Suited for mid-larger sized properties
65 Images – Suited for larger homes with land
80 Images – Suited for larger homes with land and custom features

But what constitutes a small/medium/large property? Most properties show perfectly well in 35-50 images. If it is a large house with over 5 bedrooms with more than 2 “bonus rooms” (sitting room, entertainment room, rec room, painting porch, attic, library, 2nd kitchen, in-law addition, etc.), plus over 35 acres with outbuildings, you’ll end up with closer to 80 images. 

Here is a general range of the number of images per room. This can vary depending on entry points or room “highlights”, but it gives an idea.


Front 2-3
Front Porch/Door: 1-2
Rear 2-5 (5 if there is a spa/pool/garden/play area)
Side maybe 1 (many times it’s just an HVAC unit on the side)


Foyer: 2-3
Sitting Room: 2
Family/Living Room: 2-3
Kitchen: 3-4
Dining: 2-3
Laundry: 1, maybe 2 if it’s large with a window view
Study/Office: mostly 2
Powder Room/Bathrooms: mostly 1, rarely 2 if it wasn’t fully captured in 1
Master Bedroom: 2-3
Master Bathroom: 2-3
Bedrooms: mostly 2, sometimes 3 depending on layout
Closets: maybe 1, Only clean, organized walk-ins
Hallway: 1-2
Staircase: 1
Basement: 3-7 varies depending on layout and number of rooms

Using the guide above: a 3 bedroom house with 2.5 bathrooms, plain backyard, and an unfinished basement would yield 35 images minimum.

The only reason you’d use the 20 images package is for a smaller, maybe older, home without any upgrades, that is unfurnished and sits on minimal land.
The 35 images cover the basics of a home; nothing more, nothing less.
The 50 images give you the basics -plus- more angle options and also covers more buildings/sheds than just the main home, and any acreage.
The 65 & 80 image options are for those higher end listings that have special features/upgrades, additional rooms beyond the traditional builder grade room offerings, and more land/river access/hiking trails or outbuildings included.

If you are still unsure which package is right for you, just select a package when ordering and write in the comments section that you would like however many images show the home the best. Then after the session I can bump you up or down in package size depending on what was captured or just charge per additional image if there were only a few extra that should be included.

Drone/Aerial Imagery

Not every property shows well from eye level. I’d even venture to say most properties don’t show well at eye level.

Think of drone photos as the property’s version of a selfie; a higher vantage point is often times more flattering.

– Jacqueline Morgan

Doesn’t have to be super high, just in the 12-30ft range. Because of that personal observation, I offer three packages for drone images.

2-3 images
3-6 images
7-10 images

The 2-3 images are merely for a quick elevated view of the front, side, and back of the home. These images are taken at a height typically between 12-30ft with a low-flying drone. The great thing about this option is that even in a FAA restricted area, the drone isn’t flying above the home so airspace isn’t an issue.
The 3-6 images gives you coverage of the front, side, and back exterior of the home with a shot or two of the property with a bird’s eye view (if allowed by the FAA in that particular area).
The 7-10 images cover the elevated exterior shots, the bird’s eye view (if allowed by the FAA in that particular area), and leaves room for creative angles showing the surrounding area or capturing other outbuildings or acreage.

The great thing about adding drone images to your listing package is that these extra 2-10 images will be taken into account as we capture the ground level imagery. So if we see that the front exterior of the home doesn’t show well from the ground because the house sits on a hill, then that means the 2-3 images we would have taken of the front can now be used to capture other aspects inside or outside of the home.

So adding on drone images is an easy way to add versatility and maximize your photography coverage.

Real Estate Property Videos

This isn’t your old school slideshow of images set to music… this is actual video; and I offer a couple different options depending on what platforms you use and how you like to market yourself and your listings. The purchase of a video includes the marketing kit upgrade as well (more on that in a bit), so not only are you able to upload the video to your social media platforms, you are able to showcase the video on your property site which also allows you to quickly copy and share links with potential buyers!

Economical Walk-Thru Video: (Example Below) Up to one minute long video giving a dynamic tour of the property. Edited to give eye catching transitions and detail shots, these videos can be captured in portrait or landscape orientation.
Portrait Orientation: Best used for TikTok or Instagram/Facebook Reels.
Landscape Orientation: Best suited for Facebook or LinkedIn post, YouTube or Vimeo.

Drone Video: (Example Below) 30-sec or 1-min edited flyover video to show overview and closeups to pique interest in the property.

Deluxe Showcase Video: Go more in depth showcasing most areas of the property. 1.5-3 minute video depending on size of the property and number of details. Shot in landscape orientation. Or if you like the idea of having drone video footage mixed in with the deluxe video, that is an option as well! Just simply click Deluxe Showcase Video + Drone on the order form and you will receive a 1.5-3 minute video. (Example Below)

Ordering video helps sell your Real Estate services too, especially when you approach this form of media as a way to have readily available content for future use. Meaning, obviously you can use the property videos to help sell the listing, but after the property is sold, you can use bits and pieces of the video on your social media to create more content! Splice the videos together to show the range of properties you service, pair a short 3-5 second clip with a trending sound to gain more viewers, show a peek at the upgrades and write a compelling/educational/witty caption; there are numerous possibilities for continuing to use the video to work for you after the sale of the property.

Floor Plans

There are a couple different reasons a floor plan would work well for your listing.
1. The home is large and you want to show how the rooms connect
2. The home has an eclectic design you’d like to showcase
3. The sellers have requested a floor plan
4. You want potential buyers to have a better sense of the spacial layout before a showing
5. You see floor plans as another tool in your marketing kit that sets you apart from other agents

Whatever the reason may be, floor plans are definitely helpful to buyers viewing properties online. Plus, when you order a floor plan for your listing, your order is upgraded to include the marketing kit (more details below)! This marketing kit allows you to add hot spots to the floor plans that show where the image was taken and what the rooms look like so the viewer can take a self guided tour.

To order a floor plan, just click on the number of levels you’d like completed when you schedule your photography session.

Marketing Kit

The last portion we will talk about is the marketing kit. This kit helps tie all of your media together. It serves as a customizable website for each listing and comes equipped with a template media kit that provides you with ready-made designs sized for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, & Vimeo! Easily swap images, change font or colors to make each design your own. Even if you only opted for photos and floor plans for a listing, you will find a couple video teaser options created for you from the property images in your client portal.

In addition to helping you market your listing, this kit helps you market yourself with the ability to create a personal site for all of your listings, current and past. Display your portfolio in the best light possible for potential clients to be amazed!

Real Estate Photography, and the accompanying digital media, doesn’t just sell the listing; it sells YOU.

– Jacqueline Morgan

I hope this article helped you become more confident in which services you’d like to have working for you; and allowed you to see the value each service brings to the table to help your listing Shine With All It’s Brilliance! If you have any questions please send me an email!


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