Getting The Most From Your Marketing Kit

The Marketing Kit is a great opportunity to show off each of your properties in the best way. The kit offers a variety of predesigned real estate photography website styles, all able to be customized as needed. These sites are designed to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and simple to adapt to your particular needs as you market your real estate portfolio as a Real Estate Agent!

Easily create content for social media posts and teaser videos, quickly send links to potential buyers to view the property site or various links to embedded videos. Create your own listing site that showcases all of your listings or create multiple sites depending on your branding.

It may all seem daunting or a lot to figure out on your own, but I’ve created this video to give you a walkthrough and a guided explanation on each tab and option!

Happy Marketing!

Real Estate Photography, Drone/Aerials, and video services for WV, VA, DC, MD, Virginia Beach & Hampton Roads



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