Client Story: Real Estate

I want to share a touching client moment with you that I am sure you can relate to…

We know that relationships with our clients are special and very important to our line of work. We rely on the satisfaction of our clients for referrals, future projects from them, etc. and we know that doing our job to the best of our abilities is important, but sometimes we can forget how emotionally taxing real estate situations can be on our clients…

When Ms. G contacted me she was in the middle of switching Realtors and was highly displeased with the photos her former agent took, so she brought me down to photograph her townhouse in Lorton, VA. When I arrived, Ms. G was frantically pulling weeds in the front garden bed and said she just arrived from her home and job at the Naval Base in VA Beach. She had been traveling back and forth for months trying to sell this house. We walked the house as she gave me the history of the home, current updates, reasons for selling, stories of the future and we even bonded over our shared love for Dave Matthews Band (she was wearing a concert t-shirt) 🙂

I completed my job and an hour later I headed back home to finalize the images and create a virtual tour for her. The email she sent back to me, reminded me why I love photography…
“Jacqueline- I just wanted to let you know that I almost started crying when I went through the pics.  You captured all the hard work (sweat, blood, tears), time, energy, money that I put into that house these last four months.  My house looks so pretty! My mom and I went through them this morning and we were blown away.  Thank you so much! May God bless you richly for it and you can count on me for any referrals/references you may need.”

Being able to use my gifts to help others see the true beauty in their work, to preserve memories in a tangible form, meeting new people, hearing client’s stories, and be challenged with new projects is why I am in this business.

Hopefully you could relate to that story as well. It is amazing how a very short encounter with someone can create such an impression! 

“The biggest difference between hiring a professional photographer and taking the pictures yourself is the fact that the professional knows how to make something ordinary look spectacular. They understand how the angle of the photo can make a space appear bigger than it really is. These professionals also have all of the equipment needed to create stunning, high-definition images. Photographers also understand how to make things look better than they appear.” – Real Estate Insider Magazine

Let me know how I can help make your listing Shine With All Its Brilliance!!



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