Preparing home for listing photos

Preparing Your House For Listing Photos

So your Realtor has informed you he/she will be contacting a Real Estate Photographer to photograph your house for the listing… Wahoo!
But now you a little work cut out for yourself… well, ok, it could potentially be a lot of work… but bear with me and know this list will have your house looking perfect for its professional photoshoot (you lucky house, you)
  • Most small kitchen appliances should be off the counters and hidden (i.e. toaster oven, electric can opener,  small coffee pot)
  • Hide your dishsoap, sponges, drying racks, cutting boards
  • Wipe out the sink to minimize hardwater stains or spots
  • Remove any trash cans or visible grocery bags
  • Add a centerpiece of fruit or flowers. This always brings a cheery mood to an island or table
  • Remove magnets, photos, and children’s artwork from the fridge
  • Fluff your pillows
  • Remove magazines, books, personal photos, laptops, etc.
  • Conceal cords
  • Remove pet materials: Cages, dishes, toys, beds
  • Wipe down the mirrors and shower doors
  • Remove all bottles, soaps, and the loufa
  • Close the lid on the toilet
  • Properly fold and hang clean towels that match the decor
  • Hide the plunger and scrub brush
  • Make your bed!
  • Make sure blankets, shams, pillow cases, etc. match the decor
  • Remove small tvs or portable fans
  • Hide all books, alarm clocks, phones, personal photos and anything else on your night stand or dresser
  • Make sure nothing under the bed is visible
  • Hide shoes, clothes, laundry, or hampers
  • Remove vehicles from the driveway
  • Add cushions to porch furniture (if needed)
  • Store away gardening tools, gnomes, hoses, and kids toys
  • Move the trash/recycling containers in the garage
  • Please make sure all light bulbs work!
  • Open the blinds in each room
The great fact to keep in mind is that cabinets, closets, and drawers are never photographed so that is an easy place to store all your personal belongings!
Happy Tidying!



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